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Telescope – "Emerging Markets reappraised" (issue no 3 – June 2021)

Emerging market countries have become important partners and competitors, both economically and politically. But some 20 years after the euphoria around the BRIC countries Brazil, Russia, India and China, it is high time for a reappraising of the broad group of emerging markets. We have compiled a ranking that shows which of them are the most attractive for investors. In our view, Asian countries have the best chances of benefiting from the current economic recovery.


Topics of this issue:

  • Emerging markets reappraised: Our ranking
  • Special case China: Not yet a developed economy, but no longer an emerging market either
  • Development economist Ricardo Hausmann on the effect of the pandemic: "The limited fiscal space hurts emerging countries"
  • Sustainability: The transformation to a sustainable economy is a major challenge for emerging countries
  • Portrait: Why Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is the right woman to head the World Trade Organisation
  • Globalisation: The pandemic has shown how fragile global supply chains are
  • Entrepreneur Pankaj Agarwal reveals his best and worst investments
  • Investment ideas: How to add emerging markets to your portfolio


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Older issues

Telescope no. 2 (December 2020) Green recovery

Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the European Union have committed themselves to bring their greenhouse gas emissions to net zero within the next 30 years. Governments can set the wheels in motion and provide an appropriate framework. But the target cannot be achieved without a determined effort by businesses and individuals. At the same time, the signals are changing back to green for the next upswing after the slump caused by the corona pandemic. From our point of view, a green recovery is on its way.

Telescope no.1 (June 2020) The wimpy Dollar

No other currency in the world is as widespread and widely accepted as the US dollar. It has a very special status. Whenever there is stress in the financial market, the dollar is all the more sought after. The greenback is one of the safe havens, as the corona crisis has just shown again. But this was probably only the last hurrah. The dollar will depreciate over the long term, and there are many reasons for that. It is overvalued according to the purchasing power parity theory. The higher inflation rate in the US compared to Europe and Japan also speaks against the dollar, as does the combination of trade and budget deficit in the US. The dollar, simply put, is becoming a weakling.

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