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Telescope is the name of VP Bank's investment magazine. Green recovery is the topic of the current issue.

Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the European Union have committed themselves to bring their greenhouse gas emissions to net zero within the next 30 years. Governments can set the wheels in motion and provide an appropriate framework. But the target cannot be achieved without a determined effort by businesses and individuals. At the same time, the signals are changing back to green for the next upswing after the slump caused by the corona pandemic. From our point of view, a green recovery is on its way.


Topics of issue no. 2 (December 2020)

  • The strong case for a green recovery
  • The climate change stimulus: Becoming net climate neutral requires enormous investment spending. The time is ripe, and it’s time for investors to get on board
  • Expert interview with Professor Regina Betz of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW on the pros and cons of a CO2 tax
  • Martin Risch, CEO of the laboratory medical centre Dr Risch and particularly challenged by Corona, reveals his best and his worst investment
  • Ideas for investors: What does green growth mean for investors?
  • A different view: The problem of measuring the green economy
  • Who actually invented the gross domestic product, the ultimate measure of growth?


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