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Telescope is the name of VP Bank's investment magazine. The current issue is about the US dollar.

No other currency in the world is as widespread and widely accepted as the US dollar. It has a very special status. Whenever there is stress in the financial market, the dollar is all the more sought after. The greenback is one of the safe havens as the corona crisis has just shown again. But this was probably only the last hurrah. The dollar will depreciate over the long term, and there are many reasons for that. It is overvalued according to the purchasing power parity theory. The higher inflation rate in the US compared to Europe and Japan also speaks against the dollar, as does the combination of trade and budget deficit in the US. The dollar, simply put, is becoming a weakling.


Highlighted topics of the issue No 1 (June 2020)

  • Five reasons why the dollar will weaken
  • How the US President is affecting the dollar
  • Ideas for investors: What should they do if the dollar weakens?
  • Expert interview with George Magnus: "The renminbi won't rival the dollar anytime soon"
  • A different view: The great power of the dollar
  • Dominique Gisin, ski racer and Olympic gold medallist, reveals her best and worst investment


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