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The future demands character.

What sets VP Bank apart? How do we look to the future? Dr Mara Harvey has been CEO of VP Bank (Switzerland) Ltd since the beginning of the year and has served as Head of Region Europe for VP Bank Group since April. We asked her what stood out to her about VP Bank from the very beginning and what makes VP Bank special.
Dr. Mara Harvey

Mara, you have been CEO of VP Bank in Zurich since the beginning of the year and are now a Member of Executive Management at VP Bank Group. What do you see as your mission?

I want to bring the philosophy of our Bank to life every day. VP Bank’s DNA and expertise stem from its sustainable business with our clients. Whether taking small steps or great strides, we create innovative, tailor-made solutions in keeping with the latest trends while acting with clarity and certitude. All of this requires trust and the willingness to serve as a role model, along with stability, innovation and diversification.

What does trust mean for VP Bank clients?

Trust naturally forms the basis of our business relationships – and is something that must be fully embraced both internally and in regard to the outside world. VP Bank founder Guido Feger built the institution on the basis of such trust, setting the standard with his creativity and skill while also putting the client first and exhibiting great concern for security. The history of VP Bank is thus marked by a combination of trust, pioneering spirit and service as a role model.

In addition, VP Bank’s roots and its parent company are in Liechtenstein, which has established itself as a respected, stable financial centre that operates with a focus on the long term. Responsible and sustainable action is just as much of a core component of Liechtenstein’s culture as it is of VP Bank’s.

VP Bank Zurich

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VP Bank has proven itself to be a stable element on the domestic banking landscape. What does this mean for our clients?

It is reassuring for our clients to know that we have an excellent capital base. With a liquidity coverage ratio that currently exceeds 200%, VP Bank has twice as much cash on hand as would be required by law. We thus have a sufficient stock of top-notch liquid assets and could cover liquidity requirements for at least 30 calendar days even under extremely unfavourable circumstances. We also avoid engaging in risky investment banking, which often makes for negative headlines in the industry.

How do you see the topic of innovation in the context of VP Bank?

Innovation was baked into VP Bank from the very beginning. With a wealth of ideas, early recognition of client needs and forward-looking corporate management, VP Bank has become what it is today: a successful international banking group.

We need to continue evolving in order to ensure competitiveness in the financial sector. VP Bank’s pioneering spirit thus manifests itself in agility, rapid decision-making and our enduring willingness to work with clients to create new value propositions and pioneer new digital services.

Do you have any closing words to add?

Against the backdrop of slowing economic growth, ongoing geopolitical uncertainties and financial market developments, we are planning to host an event centred around the theme of “The future demands character”. Without giving too much away, we’ll take a closer look at the transformations taking place in the financial world and, of course, get a glimpse of the future with futurologist Matthias Horx.

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