Forward-looking and sustainable

Responsibility is deeply embedded in our corporate culture. In the long run, it forms the foundation of our success.

Social responsibility is a high priority for us. Which is why we factor economic, ecological and social sustainability into everything we do. Our proactive approach to the challenges this throws up is essentially based on four cornerstones.

Social engagement
We see ourselves as an active part of society. For that reason we support projects and initiatives in the districts where our locations are while encouraging our employees to be socially engaged.
We face up to our environmental responsibility – through carefully targeted measures to keep our consumption of resources to a minimum.
We respect the laws and regulations currently in force. Thanks to wide-ranging precautions in our structures and processes we comply with them fully.
Risk management
Risk management is one of the key factors in our economic stability. We systematically identify, value, control and monitor the relevant risks and implement the appropriate measures.